SnakeEyes/Ogen (2007/2008)
a film Gary Lee Nelson

View the Film (9:30)

A student, Nick Williams, was working with me on wireless laptop ensemble techniques.  Several computers share a network to pass messages that influence composition processes. As messages are passed, they may be interpreted and mapped to control aspects of a developing musical structure.  Snake Eyes, as may not be obvious, is crap  or, more precisely, based on the dice game, Craps.  Each player, in turn, rolls virtual dice until he loses.  Then they pass the dice to the next player.  Each player’s actions in the game are controlled by a Logitech Wingman wireless game controller. As they play, messages are passed to keep each player apprised of what the other is doing – everything except how many chips are left.  What did he roll?  How many times did it take to make point?  The progress of the game along with anything that happens in the buttons and joysticks of the controller is passed along to the next player who may use those signals to control music synthesis.  The process can work with many players.  In a duo, there is constant feedback among the players.

"Ogen" is a film version of SnakeEyes. Still images of eyes are anumated with a soundtrack based on a live recording that Nick and I made during the TIMARA Reunion Festival in May 2007.